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Shine alliances

We work with a range of leading organisations and associations in the delivery of our services.

Career Partners International New Zealand

CPI New Zealand (formerly Donington New Zealand) is the leading full range service Career Transition company in New Zealand. With national coverage, consultants in every major city and with the most expert consultants across the country they offer an outstanding full range service that covers all levels of staff from frontline through to CEO.  Denise is a consultant with CPI New Zealand offering high touch programmes that are supplemented with the best in technology and online resources.


People Central Limited

Research has shown that psychometric assessments and capability testing are among the best predictors of job performance and enhance the likelihood of employing high-performing staff, reducing selection errors and ensuring staff retention.  As experienced practitioners in psychometric testing, assessment and development centres,  People Central is the partner of choice in finding the psychometric testing and assessment products most suited to your business and delivering results anywhere in New Zealand within 24 hours through our blend of online products and national network of qualified professionals.  With no ties to any one publisher or supplier, People Central use the world’s most tried and trusted tools to reduce risks in selection, identify clear development priorities and make the most from existing teams.

Lominger International

We are certified  to use the Lominger Leadership Architect® and Interview Architect® tools with  licensed organisations.

Professional Associations


The Human Resources Institute of New Zealand (HRINZ) is the professional organisation for people who are interested or involved in the management and development of human resources.


The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is Europe's largest professional institute for people management and development.

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