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Working with Change (1/2 day)

Change is the one constant in our lives.  We are surrounded by it – at work, at home, in our social life, in politics.  Technological advancements steer us into new learning experiences.  We all experience and respond to change differently – some embrace, others ignore, deny or resist it.  This can have a major impact in our personal and working lives.  For individuals this workshop is aimed at helping them to work with, and manage,  change more effectively, even if the change isn’t wanted.  For businesses, the outcome is a more responsive and agile workforce – a workforce that is more able to deliver superior business results in an ever changing business climate.

Benefits of this course:

On completing this course participants will be able to:

  • Recognise and understand their own personal response to change
  • Apply a range of models that will help them understand their own, and others, emotional response to change. 
  • Apply a range of strategies to effectively help transition them through key change stages.
  • Understand how we all see things differently
  • Identify ways in which they can build personal resilience to help them work through change
Who Benefits:
  • The whole organisation:
  • All employees
  • Leaders and Managers
  • Team Leaders and Supervisors
Course Content:
  • Recognise life change experienced
  • Recognise how you view change
  • Impact of change on us and our workplaces
  • The change journey – understanding emotional response
  • The Kübler Ross Grief Cycle
  • The process of transition
  • Change management skills
  • How to build personal resilience to change

What clients have to say about this training:

“The session on change was very useful and current and well presented.”  (Course: Working with Change) Health professional, Nelson Marlborough District Health Board

“I really enjoyed the session with Denise. I found it helpful for me personally and where I’m at with change and I think it will help me identify where others in the Dept are with ‘change’’  (Course: Working with Change) – Health professional, Nelson Marlborough District Health Board

"This course helped me to understand that I am more negative than positive about change. I also learnt that it is not the change that affects me but my personal transition.  By changing my thinking I can change how I respond to change".  (Course: Working with Change)  Local Government employee

"I wasn't sure what I would get from this workshop.  I learnt a lot, it was practical and informative.  Denise presented new ideas in a fun, non-threatening and engaging way.  I can apply this stuff in work and my personal life. "  (Course: Working with Change) Local Government employee

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