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Navigating through Change (1/2 day)

The only thing that won't change about change is.... change.  Although implementing systems and technology has it's challenges, change is ultimately about people.  

In a change situation people follow who they trust.  Change agents  are part sales, part counselling and part encouragement.  Effective change agents are trusted, positive role models who navigate challenges in a problem solving way and stay the course.  This half-day workshop aims to build basic change management understanding of the role of a change agent, how people respond to and are impacted by change and overcoming change resistance. 

Programme content:


  • ADKAR change model
  • What is a Change Agent
  • Skills and Attributes of a Change Agent
  • The Change Journey: the difference between change and transition
  • The process of transition: understanding emotional response
  • Understanding and Identifying change resistance
  • How to respond to unexpected resistance : a 5 step approach
  • Strategies for overcoming resistance
  • Gaining commitment : Map your Team : who are your enthusiasts, neutrals and resistors?

Who will benefit:


  • Team members, Team Leaders, Supervisors stepping up into a Change Agent role

What people have to say about this training:

“People experience change very differently.  I need to be very mindful of this going forward.”

“Good information and handbook.  A lot that I can use in my role.”

“kept me interested throughout; I have a better understanding of change and resistance”

“Open, thought provoking – liked your use of demonstrating with people”

“I have a better understanding of the people side of change – impacted on me.”

“Corker!  Thank you Denise”


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