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Team ReSet

High performing teams have a number of  characteristics in common.  They have:

  • strong, trusted relationships - they look after each other
  • they resolve conflicts quickly when they occur
  • they have clear goals and a shared sense of purpose
  • they remain positive in the face of challenge and demonstrate constructive self-change

High performing teams also work to ensure they stay that way.  They schedule time to 're-set' their team values and to continue to strengthen relationships.  

We work with a range of teams to help them re-set and build the foundations for success.   We listen to teams who are struggling and help them navigate the things that are getting in the way of them working nicely together.  We also design team planning and away days.  

Our team workshops are customised to achieve the outcomes you are looking for.  Bottom line is they have to be fun and interactive with take out actions for all participants.  We have designed and facilitated workshops to include;

  • Getting to know each other better and individual work styles - using MBTI® and DISC® psychometric tools
  • Understanding where they are as a team and what they need to do to shift to a ‘performing’ team
  • Setting the workplace culture that will support them to thrive and give their best
  • Setting team values and vision;
  • Upskilling your people to have a courageous conversation  in a non-confrontational way
  • How  to receive feedback without resorting to flght, flight or defensiveness
  • Building for the Future - Helping your people to identify  what they need to do differently to achieve the business unit goals, get them involved in making that change happen

Want to find out more about Team Re-Setting?  Read our article in Human Resources  magazine here  (and for Francophiles here's a French translation of that article).

If you are interested in running a 'Team Re-Set' give us a call.  

What people have to say about our Team Re-Set  work:

"Enjoyed all of it thanks Denise.  Everything was pertinent and applicable to our work situation.  Brilliant!"

"we have all unblocked each other on social media and have been chatting as a group tonight. You are amazing ...thankyou! I feel really blessed and happy as do all of us. Thankyou! p.s. the positivity from today has rolled into my personal life ...”

"Denise you have a lovely open manner that encouraged honesty and allowed us to feel supported to begin discussing the "serious stuff".  You gave us excellent new skills and language to help us work together."

"I learnt so much new stuff and have a better understanding of where we are as a team.  I particularly enjoyed the Giving and Receiving feedback session - I feel more confident in having a courageous conversation.  Thanks."

"Discussing what a positive workplace culture looked like for me was  like letting the light in.   Setting our values and identifying our behaviours (what people will see us doing) was so much benefit to us as a team.  We have the knowledge and have learnt the skills to strengthen our relationships.  We need to put it into practice."

"I loved the way you brought us to consensus in agreeing our team blueprint."

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