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2013 : Capturing your wins

Posted by denise on 4 January 2014 | 0 Comments

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The  New Year is always a time for reflecting on the past year, our achievements, what didn’t work so well, things we could have done differently. 

In my career coaching work I find that people often struggle to identify their achievements.  The large and small wins  get lost in the ‘busyness’ of life.  They reflect back on a year and their internal language shifts to a negative mindset of ‘not achieving’ which can morph into having no sense of future purpose.  Not a good space to be in for anybody!   I turn this around for them by stepping them through the past year, month by month, and writing down the things they did, both personal and work.  They then start to build a picture of what they’ve achieved and turn their thinking around.

Building your achievement bank

Here’s a good simple tip to capture your  achievements over a year.  Take a jar, a big jar (you’re going to fill this up ;o)  ), keep a stack of small pieces of paper close by.  Every time you have one of those daily wins, personal & work (chuck the lot in!) no matter how small, write it down and put it in the jar.  At the end of the year open up the jar and review your stash of achievements.  You’ll be surprised at what you’ve achieved during the year. 

Happy 2014  - I hope it's a great one for you!


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