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Characteristics of a Mentally Health Workplace

Posted by denise on 3 September 2013 | 0 Comments

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I attended a Workplace Wellbeing workshop run by Health Action Trust.  I thought I'd share with you the following characteristics of a mentally healty workplace and organisation.  They're a useful blueprint for organisational improvement and development.  You could use this in a variety of ways:

  • at a senior level in your strategic planning around your people and workplace wellness strategies
  • surveying your staff to see how they would rate your organisation against each indicator.  Recognise that their picture will be different to that held at a management and senior level.  Treat the feedback as a gift in shaping the 'what next' questions.
  • use the indicators  as a point of discussion in staff meetings - make it clear that this is about your organisation working transparently with it's people to create a great working environment
  • take it forward with your organisation's Workplace Wellness or Health & Safety committees

If you would like support in implementing  this internally give me a call - I do a lot of work in this space.

Workplace Characteristics

  1. Staff perceive the work environment as supportive and one in which they are valued
  2. An individual’s abilities and the requirements of the job are well matched
  3. There is honest feedback in both directions; from the employer to the employee and vice versa
  4. Quality supervision and personal, social and professional development have high priority and happen frequently
  5. Successes at work are praised and support is offered when difficulties arise; this increases community spirit and job satisfaction
  6. Different  kinds  of skills and different strengths are respected
  7. Diversity is seen as beneficial and both managers and staff know how to work with a wide variety of people.  People feel safe disclosing their mental health status.
  8. All workers are treated impartially and rules are fair.  Everyone’s rights and obligations are acknowledged.
  9. Management and staff are encouraged to be creative and proactive and model mentally healthy workplace values.
  10. Opportunities to work well and to improve performance are provided.
  11. Conflicts are reconciled; the organisation is not brought to a standstill by minor disputes.
  12. Obstacles to optimum mental and physical health are identified and removed.  Staff turnover and sick/stress leave is low.
  13. Staff are provided with opportunities to meet and exchange views with colleagues.  Staff loyalty is high.  Successes are celebrated.
  14. People’s limitations are acknowledged and it is accepted that staff do not always function at their best.
  15. Both staff and customer well-being/satisfaction is high.
  16. The workplace/organisation is safe.

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