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Keeping Vision Alive and Kicking

Posted by Denise on 16 May 2012 | 0 Comments

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Is no easy feat.  It normally takes centre stage in a change initiative.  The difficulty can be around ensuring it is sustainable and embedded post-change activity.  Successful organisations embed vision communication as BAU (business as usual) and not confine it to a point in time initiative. Find ways to embed it into everyday thinking.

Ask yourself the following questions..

  • How do we continue to build belief and commitment to a better future state?
  • How do we continue to inspire our stakeholders
  • Would consistently clarifying and stating our vision help us in our daily work?
  • How often do we explain what we are going to do, but why?

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat..

  • Ideas sink in deeply only after they have been heard many times
  • The challenge for the business leader is to identify as many ways as possible of winning hearts and minds to the vision.

Find opportunities..

  • Gain commitment from your senior people to find at least four opportunities per day to tie conversations back to the big picture.
  • Management meetings – ensure all decisions are evaluated in light of the new vision
  • Performance evaluations – tie assessments to major change initiatives
  • Staff meetings – in Q & A sessions answer the first inquiry by saying “the answer is yes/no, let me explain why.  The vision directing our change / organisation  efforts is……”
  • In everyday working tie actions to the vision so that people see these actions as preferred ways of working.

How will you know when you're succeeding?

When you hear your people talking to  the vision in  their conversations

When they're asking you how an action ties into the company vision....

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