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Tell Me About Yourself

Posted by denise on 9 December 2013 | 0 Comments

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Interviews.  Love 'em or hate 'em the secret to a successful interview is prepare, prepare, prepare.  Know your cv inside out, research the company and be clear about how your skills and experience tick all the boxes they're looking for.  I find that most people angst about the questions, 'what are they going to ask me'.  Well you can be sure of one thing, the one question that will front up fast is  "Tell me about yourself".  It's a warm-up question, designed to ease the candidate into the interview, before they hit them with the grunty job centered, behavioural, questions.  And it's the  one question that many people stuff up.    Without fail, the "Tell me about yourself"  is going to appear in the top 2 - either preceded, or followed by (in some format), "why have you applied for this job".  So let's nail this opening question.  I'm a consultant with Career Partners International, here's some great advice from them.

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