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Silly or Sackable : The Peril of email

Posted by Denise on 22 December 2011 | 0 Comments

Email etiquette.  Forwarding on jokey and risque emails has become part & parcel of today's communications.  It's all too easy to hit the 'Send' button on a circulated  'funny' (or not).  However, recent case law has highlighted the limits of innapropriate  email behaviour, and the costly consquences.  

To send or not?

What to consider before hitting Send on an email - advice from the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand

  • What is the purpose and intent of this email, is it representative of the organisation's viewpoint?
  • How will the recipient receive the message? Is it informative, appropriate, factually correct, personal, offensive or could cause offence?
  • What is the impact of this email on my reputation, and the organisation's reputation?
  • How could I defend my position or that of the organisation if called upon to do so?

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