Helping your people, your workplace and your business to... shine!

Breakthrough Coaching

Shift Thinking.  Positive Change.  Shine.

I’ve been coaching people from all backgrounds and professions for over 20 years in my  corporate roles.   I've held a variety of leadership roles and operated from the Board Room to the coalface so can relate to the challenges of today's leader.   

Why use a coach?  Because the ROI speaks for itself.  A global survey by PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the Association Resource Centre found that the ROI in coaching is 7 times the initial investment, and over a quarter of coaching clients reported a stunning ROI of 10 to 49 times the cost.  

What I love in my work is seeing people grow, develop and .. yes .. Shine!  This philosophy sits at the heart of my business.  Seeing people, teams, workplaces and businesses Shine. 

When I started my business I wrestled over finding a business name that reflected my expertise and values.  Where do I start?  I spoke to people who knew me and my work well.  They asked me ‘what do you most love about your work?’.  It was a light bulb moment.  Without hesitation I said ‘I love developing people and seeing them shine!’.  There it was.  Shine People Consulting emerged.

Self-transformation sits at the heart of my coaching practice.  I love partnering with my people, leaders and teams to help them gain clarity on issues, open up possibilities, shift thinking, mindsets and behaviors, set goals and actions that result in positive change and measurable results.   Combining positive psychology, neuroscience and NLP expertise I use a range of proven, industry leading methodology and a range of internationally recognised tools in my practice, including:

I am an ACC accredited coach with the  International Coach Federation , am professionally trained and hold an ICF recognised qualification in  Executive and Organisational Coaching.

client quote :

"The qualities that stand out for me with Denise are:  a sharp mind, underpinned by a wealth of knowledge; a  fantastic sense of humor; powerful questioning; a generous, kind spirit; a focused, professional approach”


Team Coaching

Team development is a journey, not an event.

I am a Global Team Coaching Institute Accredited Team Coach at Foundation level as well as an EMCC Accredited Team Coach at Foundation level.    I bring 15 years  experience developing and coaching teams.   I take a big picture, systemic approach to working with teams, co-creating with them future state and the journey to get there.  This might include setting team charter, purpose, values, identifying what stakeholder value looks like, stakeholder engagement.   Along the way we build skills around how to communicate more effectively, run good meetings and anything else that matters to the team.  

I also have significant experience working with the  internationally recognised Five Dysfunctions of a Team model. 

"A highly effective team: meets and communicates in a way that raises morale and alignment, engages with all the teams key stakeholder groups in a way that grows performance and provides constant learning and development for all its members and the collective team.   Hawkins 2017."

Step forward into action.

My coaching programmes enable people to:

  • Raise self awareness of strengths and blind spots (the things that may be getting you into trouble but you are unaware of it.  We all have them!
  • Facilitate new ways of thinking
  • Identify strengths and values, improve motivation
  • Support changes in behaviour and skills
  • Enhance performance and well-being
  • Improve communication skills and enable people to better manage relationships with teams, peers, managers and Board
  • Develop personal resilience and  assist in reducing workplace stress
  • Manage transitions : into new roles or during organisational change
Who is it for?
  • Senior leaders, Middle Managers, Team Leaders with development gaps they want to close
  • Teams: frontline to SLT
  • People transitioning into new leadership roles
  • Leaders managing change or transitions
  • Developing and high potential talent highlighted for progression

What people say ...

"Denise was very effective in coaching me through some business challenges and was instrumental in supporting me to achieve my professional goal.  From the first contact she was very engaging, warm and personable.  She was also forthright and clear  in her communication, and was unafraid to ask the tough questions.  She  was great at delivering constructive feedback with a warmth and humor that made it easy to swallow! I found she has a gift for effectively asking the right questions, giving over the right information and delivering it in such a way that it sticks!  The face to face meetings were interesting, fun and super useful.  Whilst I was overseas we used remote coaching.    Denise’s input has been instrumental in my recent success.  I would recommend her to any person or organization looking for a professional, effective coach that delivers the goods.

DP - Government employee

"In a short space of time we’ve noticed significant positive changes in our leader.  Enhanced self-awareness & self-correction; they are demonstrating more leadership presence, sharpened decision making, improved team relationships and resolving people issues early on.  I’d describe them as more effective, confident and motivated in their role.   The results have been so tangible I’m referring other leaders to Denise for coaching."

Senior Manager & Sponsor.  NZ Government

With Denise’s support  myself and my team have seen positive change in how we work together.  The team are now more comfortable with raising issues safely with each other and receiving the difficult feedback.  Our  relationships  have improved and so have our team results!  Denise uses a range of highly skilled facilitation and coaching skills, along with courage and sensitivity to safely surface ‘the elephant under the table’, the stuff that nobody wants to talk about  (which holds the team back) and helps get clarity around what could be better.  She She has taught us a range of models that we now use regularly.  The team trust her and I trust her to work with me to take my team to the next level.

Regional Manager, Government


“Over a period of several coaching sessions, Denise helped me develop the ability to recognise and understand the traits of my personality that reflected negatively on my professional and personal life.

I have learnt how to approach situations in a professional manner and avoid conflict , to stand back and assess and to be more mindful of my colleagues .  My style of communication has changed with very positive outcomes. Although hesitant at first and in not a very positive frame of mind Denise through her warm, positive, and relaxed style , really changed my life.  Her sense of humour, and the many other skills she brings to her job lifted the grey fog that had been hanging over me . I would have benefited from her coaching years ago , my life would have been a lot easier.  If I could ask for one positive outcome from the situation I found myself in , it would be that others could go to Denise before they reach that critical period.”

DB., health professional

 “I feel that working with my coach [Denise], I've been able to receive a strong clarity and growth in my personal and professional life. I've been able to develop a new courage to take on difficult challenges and know that the decisions I'm making are intelligent ones based on the facts and not just my emotions. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to be able to have this relationship, by working with an external coach I have been able to achieve life changing development and strength which is a step in the right direction for me heading into senior management.  I am far more resilient and confident. I would recommend anyone wanting personal or professional development of any kind to contact Denise.”

SA.  senior manager, health


Coaching Cancellation Policy

Below is set out our cancellation policy for scheduled coaching sessions.  A no-show is treated as a cancellation.

Cancellation 7 days in advance of appointment

No fee

Cancellation 2 days in advance of appointment

75% of fee payable

Cancellation  24 hours notice or less

Full session fee payable


We realise that sometimes a sudden illness (of you or a loved one) can prevent you from giving 24 hours cancellation notice.  In this instance you will only be charged 50% of your session fee.

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