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Breakthrough Team Development

Patrick Lencioni suggests "Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology.  It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare".  It is teams that are the powerhouses of organisations.  It is teams that either propel an organisation to success.  Or not.  Great teams don't happen by chance, but by design.  

Team development is a journey not an event.

Most team development centres around one-off workshops or team building activities.   They can produce a short-term feel-good factor but are less effective for long term game change. 

Typically we work with transformational and progressive leaders, teams, organisations. Working with your team over a period of time, we co-create with them the new thinking, ideas and behaviours that generate lasting change.  In short, harnessing and unleashing the teams full potential to deliver real value and results across the organisation.

Using a research based Systemic Team Coaching framework that draws on the 5 Disciplines of an Effective team (developed by Peter Hawkins ) we partner with your Team to help enable it to:

  • Navigate the challenges of today’s hyper-complex and fast-changing world
  • Develop better processes of decision-making, communicating and organizing work
  • Work more effectively with other teams
  • Develop greater clarity of purpose and presence
  • Become “future fit”
  • Jointly transform the wider business
  • Develop as a learning team

Five Stage Process

Phase 1 : Scoping and agreement with the Sponsor and/or Team Leader

Phase 2: Inquiry and discovery into the team and its’ context; this is key to discovering the underlying issues and dynamics of the team in its organisational context

Phase 3: Developing the team coaching agenda, re-contracting around execution

Phase 4: Execution and delivery of the team coaching journey

Phase 5: Review, evaluation, learning

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