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Raising the Bar - People Development

We create and facilitate practical courses and workshops that inspire, educate and motivate your people, at all levels (from CEO down).   Aligned to your company goals, values and business plans, we work with you to understand the outcomes you are looking for and then customise to suit.  Sessions are practical, fun and participative, drawing on real life examples and participants own experiences.  Every person comes away with their own personal manual of course notes.  We can also build in one-to-one coaching to ensure that the learnings are quickly put into practice, and, as importantly, are sustained.

Outdoor learning : Want outdoor splendor over indoors?  With an Outdoor learning expert on our team we also design and facilitate outdoor experiental learning programs.  

Are you time strapped?  Our courses can be shortened to suit your needs.  Contact us to discuss further.
Our range of courses includes:

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Denise also delivers the HR Foundations and HR101 programmes  for the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand.  

What clients have to say about our training:

"Denise was amazing.  She definitely knows her stuff, was very engaging and listened to our concerns, providing us with solutions and techniques.  She is a real inspiration!"  HR professional, Auckland.

nise was amazing , she de finite ly knows he r stuff, was ve ry e ng ag ing and liste ne d to our conce rns
providing us with solutions and te chnique s. She is a re al inspirationDe nise was amazing , she de finite ly knows he r stuff, was ve ry e ng ag ing and liste ne d to our conce rns  HR professional

"Denise has proven to be a very capable and professional facilitator and educator for our business.  She has helped our staff become proficient in concepts and skills that they were unfamiliar with and they now utilise these to add significant value to our business"  (Courses:  Leading Change and Working with Change).  Lees Seymour, Managing Director, Nelson Forests Ltd.

"Very real and easy to talk to, gave us real life examples so that we could relate.  Denise has an inspirational facilitation style.  I would attend another conference just for her expertise!"   

"Denise was very open and engaging, the fact that she could pull on so much experience helped me to understand the topics and the ideas that were shared".  Workshop participant, Christchurch

“The session on change was very useful and current and well presented.”  (Course: Working with Change) Health professional, Nelson Marlborough District Health Board

"The best presenter I have ever had. Denise had fantastic real life examples, putting theory into context.  She was professional but also relaxed and very approachable".  Workshop participant, Wellington

"I particulary liked the Interactive nature of the teaching and group led activities.  Denise has great energy and used  actual experience throughout the course as examples".   Line  manager, energy industry

“I really enjoyed the session with Denise. I found it helpful for me personally and where I’m at with change and I think it will help me identify where others in the Dept are with ‘change’’  (Course: Working with Change) – Health professional, Nelson Marlborough District Health Board

"Denise this was a great 4 hours.  Your presentation seemed to be run with little effort, however I recognise how hard it is to run an hour session, so you are truly skilled at this!  Thank you for all your help."  Team Leader, NZ Blood Service

"Denise is clearly a subject matter expert and was able to provide lots of relevant anecdotes from her own experience to supplement the course material".  middle manager, Government

"We wished to include an educational session within an inaugural Conference for key members of our wider Southern Regional Team.  Denise was recommended to us via a local Business mentor. She matched our needs with an excellent and relevant topic. On the day - Flight delays necessitated Denise to think laterally to reconfigure her session which she achieved without compromising the value to the attendees.  Well done and thanks Denise for a memorable addition to our meeting." (Course: Building Engaged Teams)  - Ian Briggs, Sky TV

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, and have a much better understanding of both my own reaction to other cultures and the assumptions I make about them, and also how difficult it must be for people of other cultures to understand our ways.”   (Course: Intercultural Awareness and Communication) Course participant, Whenua Iti Outdoors

"wonderful content.. knowledgeable presenter .. excellent session, would love to do more!" (customised Team Development workshop)"

Workshop Costs

Workshop design and delivery costs are negotiated at the time of enquiry.  Travel, accommodation and other expenses will be charged where applicable.  Mileage is charged  at IRD standard rate.  Contact us for a quote.  

Workshop Cancellation Policy

Below is set out our cancellation policy for scheduled training workshops.  Any development costs and associated expenses  incurred  are required to be refunded in full.



28 days before the event

40% of the confirmed fee

no charge

14 days before the event

80% of the confirmed fee

50% of the fee

7 days before the event

100% of the fee

80% of the fee

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