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Defusing Angry People (1/2 day)

We all encounter an angry person from time to time.  In a customer service setting it’s our job to resolve the issue and have the customer go away feeling better and, importantly, heard.  Thoughts, feelings, behaviours often get in the way of reason.  When emotions get really heated people can become unreasonable and difficult to deal with.  Those who successfully take the path of compromise and resolution deploy a range of learned skills to navigate the bumps. 

We can’t control how people are going to interact with us.  We can control how we respond.

This four hour workshop will raise your understanding of conflict situations and the range of skills you can use to defuse an angry person in a calm, controlled and respectful way.

Programme content:


  • Understand your natural response to conflict
  • Managing and correcting our emotional response to the conflict
  • Understand what is meant by emotional highjacking – when logic and rational thought is overpowered by emotions and feelings
  • Understand the triggers to aggressive behaviour
  • Identify ‘red flag’ language that inflames a situation
  • Be able to recognise early signs of an angry or upset person
  • Manage your body language during conflict
  • Use a defuse tool to navigate your way through conflict situations
  • Identify ways to keep yourself safe in a conflict situation
  • Take steps to manage stress and build resilience in conflict situations

Who will benefit:


  • Customer facing staff
  • Team leaders, supervisors, managers
  • Employees at all levels

What people have to say about this training:

"Really helpful tools to de-escalate conflict, recognise rising anger and manage my response."

"This exceeded my expectations.  Good to understand the skills on how to respond to someone who is making you uncomfortable."

"Loved the passive v. assertive body language examples."

"Great, informative presenter.  Thanks!"

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