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Cross Cultural Awareness and Communication

As New Zealand society and workplaces become more diverse, the number of people interacting with people from cultures different to their own is increasing.   Statistics New Zealand projections indicate that by 2021, about 25% of New Zealand’s workforce will have been born overseas, representing one of the most ethnically diverse workforce in the OECD.    

Cross cultural competence is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but a ‘must have’ if we are to make the most of New Zealand’s diverse population. 

The Cross Cultural Awareness and Communication Programme  seeks to enhance relationships at all levels.  With a focus on work relationships the learnings can be applied outside of work.  It does this by exploring how behaviour can be influenced by culture, and how we can improve our communication with people from different cultural backgrounds.

The one-day  workshop encourages individuals to reflect on their own cultural understanding and practices. They then apply the tools learnt back at their workplace.    We tailor sections of the programme to your  own business setting, to make it as relevant as possible to your own workplace and the daily work of staff

Participants will gain and understanding of :

Culture,  cultural values, communication,  relationships between cultures, workplace interactions and ways to improve cross cultural communications.

After completing this training session participants will be able to:
  • Understand the basic terms and concepts involved in “culture” and “communication”.
  • Identify the relationship between: culture, cultural values, communication, relationships
  • Recognise themselves and others as having multicultural characteristics
  • Understand the range of multicultural issues in the workplace
  • Understand we make assumptions and stereotype on the visible
  • Gain awareness of conscious and unconscious bias towards others
  • Use a model to diagnose, adapt and monitor your communication approach where needed
  • Value good communication and relationship building in any cross-cultural interaction
  • Identify ways they  can improve their  cross cultural communication
  • Understand high the difference between High and Low context communication
  • Understand the difference between Individualistic v. Collectivistic, High v. Low Power Distance cultures and the impact on cross-cultural interactions
  • Awareness of Hofestede's 6 cultural dimensions : NZ cross compared with other cultures

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What clients have to say about this training:

"Denise is one of the best presenters I have had the pleasure to hear. She made the workshop interactive, challenging, she peaked our curiosity about ourselves and showed her own vulnerability with her stories and journey. Denise’s relatable style, experiences and storytelling was informative, thoughtful and I was energised with what I had learned." Manager, NGO

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, and have a much better understanding of both my own reaction to other cultures and the assumptions I make about them, and also how difficult it must be for people of other cultures to understand our ways.”   Course participant, Whenua Iti Outdoors

"loved the case studies we used to apply learning, very interesting and great examples".  Legal

"Stimulating programme - Denise is a very skilled, experienced and knowledgeable presenter"  Teacher

"I came away with fresh perspectives, new knowledge and understanding.  Cultural diversity and communication has so many dimensions to consider" Govt employee

"I feel it has given me confident to approach clients of different cultures and communicate more effectively".  Course participant, Health sector

"Interactive, educational, awesome  trainer, loved it!".  Course participant, Health sector.

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