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Leading Change

A successful change journey is the product of a well thought out and executed strategy that takes your people  with you.  Dealing with change is a complex and demanding task.  It requires new ways  of thinking;  to step outside the mentality of ‘business as usual’.   Management change capability and capacity is central to the success of a change programme.  As key ‘change agents’ managers have to be able to introduce and manage change to ensure the organisational objectives of change are met, and they have to ensure that they gain the commitment of their people, both during and after implementation.  This workshop enables participants to understand their role as a change agent and develop the skills and confidence in how to gain commitment to the change from those they lead and manage.

We also run a 1/2 day programme Navigating Through Change for Team Leaders, Supervisors and Change Agent team members.

Benefits of this course:

On completing this course participants will be able to: 

  • Apply the 8-Step Kotter Change Model to  change goals in their organisation
  • Recognise the key attributes of a Change Agent
  • Identify and overcome barriers and resistance to change
  • Use a 5-step approach for responding to unexpected resistance
  • Use a commitment matrix to help implement,  and influence progress towards,  the change
  • Understand the importance of communication during change
  • Use a simple model to develop their change messages
  • Critically assess the range of communications channels in their organisation
  • Develop a change communications plan
  • Understand and apply the 5 W's of communication
  • Understand and apply the skills  to help embed ongoing vision into everyday working
  • Understand the range of reasons why change fails and what they can do to ensure your change goals are realised
Who benefits:
  • Senior leaders, Managers, Team Leaders ,Supervisors who are involved in leading and managing change
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