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Navigating Difficult Conversations (1/2 day)

It is better to give than to receive.   That seems to be the case with giving and receiving feedback.  Both are a learned skill.   Employee surveys are consistently telling us  that  people  are not getting the feedback and direction they need and that many managers lack good feedback skills.   Teams are more comfortable giving positive feedback, but avoid the negative feedback.  This results in teams not being able to engage in the healthy, positive conflict that gets all ideas out on the table.  This workshop aims to upskill people and teams  to be able to give and receive feedback in a constructive, fair and respectful way.  The outcome is strengthened professional and personal relationships, increased mutual trust, as well as a lift in  individual, team and organisational  performance.

Giving Feedback (the good and not so good stuff)

From the seminars I run most participants say that they would want to know if their work wasn't up to scratch, if they had stuffed up,  or if they had done something to offend someone.   On the flip side, these  same people acknowledge  that they would not be comfortable raising an issue of concern with a colleague.  They are likely to to avoid the issue  and hope it will go away..  This avoidance of a courageous conversation over time leads to frustration, strained relationships and conflict.  The outcome?  Lowered individual, team and organisational performance.  Over time this impacts negatively on organisational culture. 

Receiving Feedback

Whilst  people say that they  would like to know if they had done something to offend someone, in reality how good are they at listening to, and responding to that feedback constructively?  Our brains are wired to detect negative feedback as a threat and our defence mechanisms kick in.  What we see is  people  becoming defensive, switch off or walk away.    If we truly want to build strong, trusted, positive relationships and culture we need to change the way we respond to criticism.   We need to look at feedback as a way to learn and grow, rather than a personal attack.  

In this workshop you will learn easy models  for Giving and Receiving feedback.  We will also cover off what safe feedback looks like and explore your natural conflict preference.  You will also learn how the brain responds to negative feedback and be able to apply tools to drop the normal, natural,  defense response.

Benefits of this course:

On completing this course you  will be able to:

  • Apply  simple models to enable you  to Give and Receive Feedback

  • Get comfortable in having  a ‘courageous conversation’ in a respectful, fair way

  • Understand the importance of preparation before giving constructive (ok, negative)  feedback

  • Understand how your brain responds to critical feedback and how to disarm it's natural defense response

  • Identify what safe feedback looks like for you; as a team agree what safe environment looks like for you

  • Understand your natural conflict response

  • Change the way you respond to criticism, engaging positively with the giver

  • Build more trusted, positive relationships individually and as a team

  • Not forgetting.... the importance of giving positive feedback
Who will benefit:

The whole organisation:

  • all employees, in particular
  • Leaders, Managers and Supervisors
  • Staff, or a team,  who are conflict with each other  (can be incorporated into Team Building)

What people have to say about this training:

“A simple framework that I can easily apply”  Health professional, Nelson Marlborough District Health Board

"I prefer to avoid conflict and difficult conversations.  With practice I  used the framework with colleagues and my family.  It worked!  Thanks."  Government employee

“I feel more confident about having a conversation I've been putting off. "  Health professional.

"My take out learning is to remember that somebody will have prepared and plucked up the courage to have a courageous conversation with me".  Health professional.

"Straight after the programme I had a tricky conversation that I had been putting off.  I used the framework and it worked.  I've now got a better working relationship with a colleague."  Government employee.

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