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Navigating through Change (1/2 day)

The only thing that won't change about change is.... change.  Although implementing systems and technology has it's challenges, change is ultimately about people.  

In a change situation people follow who they trust.  Change agents  are part sales, part counselling and part encouragement.  Effective change agents are trusted, positive role models who navigate challenges in a problem solving way and stay the course.  This half-day workshop aims to build basic change management understanding of the role of a change agent, how people respond to and are impacted by change and overcoming change resistance. 

Programme content:


  • ADKAR change model
  • What is a Change Agent
  • Skills and Attributes of a Change Agent
  • The Change Journey: the difference between change and transition
  • The process of transition: understanding emotional response
  • Understanding and Identifying change resistance
  • How to respond to unexpected resistance : a 5 step approach
  • Strategies for overcoming resistance
  • Gaining commitment : Map your Team : who are your enthusiasts, neutrals and resistors?

Who will benefit:

  • Team members, Team Leaders, Supervisors stepping up into a Change Agent role

What people have to say about this training:

“People experience change very differently.  I need to be very mindful of this going forward.”

"takeouts for me were communicate, communicate, communicate... the why and the what!  Listen well and acknowledge feelings and opinions"

“Good information and handbook.  A lot that I can use in my role.”

“kept me interested throughout; I have a better understanding of change and resistance”

"through mapping my team I have a better understanding of where people are at and how to best support them"

“Open, thought provoking – I liked your use of demonstrating with people”

“I have a better understanding of the people side of change –  this really resonated with me.”

“Corker!  Thank you Denise”


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