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Preventing and Managing Workplace Bullying & Harassment (1 day)

Bullying and harassment is a very real workplace experience for many employees.  It is also an identified work hazard.   Workplace bullying affects people physically and mentally, resulting in increased stress levels, decreased emotional wellbeing, reduced coping strategies and lower work performance.  Bullying is bad for business, affecting productivity, disrupting the workplace and impacting on reputation and bottom line results.

Employers who fail  to respond appropriately risk breaching legislation, including the Employment Relations Act, Human Rights Act, Health & Safety at Work Act and Harassment Act. 

Many employers and managers struggle with first identifying that there is a workplace bullying or harassment  problem, and secondly what to do about it.  

This workshop  is aimed at senior leaders, business owners,  line managers, people leaders and supervisors.  It takes in our basic ½ day course and builds in additional resources to equip managers in identifying, preventing and responding  to complaints of workplace bullying and harassment. 

Need a shorter course?  We can customise to suit your needs.  Contact us to discuss this option.
On completing this course participants will:
  • Be clear about what workplace bullying is and isn’t
  • Understand the difference between bullying and harassment
  • Be clear about their legal responsibility to ensure a safe, bully-free, workplace
  • Understand why bullies bully and why people get targeted
  • Recognise the  different types of bullying
  • Be able to identify the signs that  bullying or harassment may be occurring
  • Be able to identify ways in which they can promote a positive and healthy workplace
  • Make a distinction between fair management v. bullying management
  • Consider a range of options for dealing with it – informally or formally
  • Proven employer strategies to address bullying & harassment
  • Know how to respond to and handle a complaint
Who will benefit:
  • Senior leaders
  • Business owners
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
Time Investment

1 full day (8 hours).  This can be reduced to 1/2 day through a customised approach.

Contact us to find out more about this course.

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