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Creating a Positive and Healthy Workplace

Understanding & Dealing with workplace Bullying & Harassment  (1/2 day)

Bullying and harassment is a very real workplace experience for many employees.   For many people,  going to work every day can feel like entering a war zone.  Research undertaken for the Department of Labour in 2009 revealed that the majority of employees will, at some time during their careers, be exposed to workplace bullying directly, or indirectly as observers. 

Workplace bullying affects people physically and mentally, resulting in increased stress levels, decreased emotional wellbeing, reduced coping strategies and lower work performance.  Bullying is bad for business, affecting productivity, disrupting the workplace and impacting on reputation and bottom line results.

Many employers and people leaders struggle with first identifying that there is a workplace bullying or harassment  problem, and secondly what to do about it.   This workshop upskills people in understanding and dealing with workplace bullying and harassment.  Facilitated in a safe environment the goal is to gain individual commitment to zero tolerance to workplace bullying and harassment.  Consistently participants report that they come away feeling empowered and more confident in identifying and dealing with unreasonable and negative behaviour.  For those who have experienced bullying they talk about renewed self-confidence.

The workshop can be customised to include your relevant policies and reporting procedures. 

Is half a day too long for your organisation?  We can customise to suit your needs - for instance short, sharp refresher training.
On completing this course participants will:
  • Be clear about what workplace bullying is and isn’t
  • Understand the difference between bullying and harassment
  • Be aware of NZ law and bullying
  • Understand why bullies bully and why people get targeted
  • Recognise the  different types of bullying
  • Be able to identify the workplace indicators  that bullying may be occurring
  • Be able to identify ways in which they can promote a positive and healthy workplace
  • Consider a range of options for dealing with it – informally or formally
Who will benefit:

The whole organisation:

  • all employees
  • Leaders, Managers and Supervisors
What people have to say about this training:

"Fantastic tools to ensure I manage the office environment and have a happy & healthy workplace".  Manager, Finance industry.

"Very informative and valuable course.  Great content and delivered thoughtfully". 

"I didn’t know what to expect from this.  I got so much from it, especially why people get targeted."  Business owner.

"Very informative.  Gave me food for thought and great tools to use in the workplace".  Manager, Finance industry

"I got heaps from this.  Great that it included the legalities."  Business Director

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