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Coaching is a powerful personal development experience.  Working one-to-one,  it is  a partnership based on trust, honesty, and accountability, that empowers people to make the most of their skills, strengths, and relationships.  Coaching improves personal effectiveness , enables you to see the world differently and develop life changing skills that results in  enriched careers and personal lives.    Just as a sports coach helps  you to ‘lift your game’  a personal coach  helps  you to do the same in both your work and private life.

Each coaching programme is tailored to the individuals needs.  Coaching objectives are created jointly between the individual, the coach, and where applicable, the sponsor. 

We work with people from all backgrounds, one on one, to develop the skills and awareness to view the world in a different way and operate at their ‘personal best’.

Denise is a highly skilled coach, combining a blend of empathy, sensitivity and humour along with a toolkit of internationally recognised tools and frameworks.   Denise is a certified:

  • Neuro Linguistic practitioner    (what's NLP? You'll find more  here  at the NLP Community Wiki Encyclopedia)
  • MBTI Step I and Step II practitioner
  • Lominger Leadership practitioner
Our coaching enables people to:
  • Develop self awareness of personal strengths and blind spots (the things that may be getting you into trouble but you are unaware of it.  We all have them !
  • Support changes in behaviour and skills
  • Enhance their  communication skills
  • Better develop and manage relationships inside and outside of work
  • Develop personal resilience and reduce workplace stress

We also offer interview coaching skills for people wanting to transition into a different role.


“Over a period of several coaching sessions, Denise helped me develop the ability to recognise and understand the traits of my personality that reflected negatively on my professional and personal life.

I have learnt how to approach situations in a professional manner and avoid conflict , to stand back and assess and to be more mindful of my colleagues .  My style of communication has changed with very positive outcomes.

Although hesitant at first and in not a very positive frame of mind Denise through her warm, positive, and relaxed style , really changed my life.  Her sense of humour, and the many other skills she brings to her job lifted the grey fog that had been hanging over me . I would have benefited from her coaching years ago , my life would have been a lot easier.  If I could ask for one positive outcome from the situation I found myself in , it would be that others could go to Denise before they reach that critical period.”


“I feel that working with my coach [Denise], I've been able to receive a strong clarity and growth in my personal and professional life. I've been able to develop a new courage to take on difficult challenges and know that the decisions I'm making are intelligent ones based on the facts and not just my emotions.

I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to be able to have this relationship, by working with an external coach I have been able to achieve life changing development and strength which is a step in the right direction for me heading into senior management.  I am far more resilient and confident.

I would recommend anyone wanting personal or professional development of any kind to contact Denise.”


Coaching Cancellation Policy

Below is set out our cancellation policy for scheduled coaching sessions.  A no-show is treated as a cancellation.

Cancellation 7 days in advance of appointment

No fee

Cancellation 2 days in advance of appointment

50% of fee payable

Cancellation under 24 hours notice

Full session fee payable


We realise that sometimes a sudden illness (of you or a loved one) can prevent you from giving 24 hours cancellation notice.  In this instance you will only be charged 50% of your session fee.

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