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Denise Hartley-Wilkins PCC, CFHRINZ, MCIPD

Founder and Lead Consultant

Denise has been dedicated to championing better workplaces and working lives for the last 25 years. Working globally at an executive and board level, she has helped to set the benchmark for excellence in people development. Working in top-level management roles and at the coalface of businesses has given her the insight and real-world experience to help make sustainable change.

Denise is a culture vulture and lover of history, the outdoors and left-field podcasts that feed her curiosities. Born in Singapore, Denise grew up in a multilingual environment and speaks French and German. After spending her formative years in the UK, she’s lived and worked all over the world. Now proudly calling New Zealand home, she works with businesses across the country.

With a straight-talking attitude, sharp wit and humour – teamed with the odd ‘f-bomb’ – and unrivalled expertise, Denise is able to excite and engage her audiences at every level.

  • Former National President of HRNZ
  • Chartered Member of CIPD

“I believe you don’t have great organisations, you have great workplaces – great leaders, great teams, great cultures.

Developing people is my passion. After all, great things that happen in business often spill into the community and, in turn, can create a ripple of change in the world.”

Richard Wilkins MNZAC

Experiential Team Building Lead, Counsellor & Supervisor

Richard’s work centres on helping others thrive. He is a Counsellor, Professional Supervisor and Fulbright Award winner, specialising in Adventure Therapy. With a fascinating and multifaceted career in the education, health and wellbeing sectors, Richard is well equipped to create outdoor-based workshops that can boost any team and pack a powerful message.

Richard is widely known for his ability to develop strong and transformative connections with the people he works with. As a Counsellor he helps clients overcome barriers and build resilience and confidence. As a Professional Supervisor he supports ongoing professional development and wellbeing.

Through working as a ‘Senior Leader’ in schools and the ‘Officer-in-Charge’ of a busy fire station, Richard has discovered what is truly necessary to motivate a team and build a robust teamworking strategy.

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“Being able to take part in life-altering conversations and experiences through my work fills me with gratitude.

Every day I’m inspired by the people I work with and the conversations we share.”

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Based in Nelson, covering New Zealand wide.

Phone: 03 545 0055 or 021 1371 589

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