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Coaching for Teams

Teamwork is complicated and tough to navigate. It is a science of moving parts. Team dynamics can quickly shift in positive and negative directions, and the impacts – both good and bad – can ripple through an organisation. Balance is difficult to achieve, and no two teams have the same DNA.

Simply put, when a team’s balance is off, toxicities and stressors accumulate. When equilibrium is achieved, teamwork can be transformational. However, effective teamwork is both incredibly powerful and incredibly rare.

Savvy business leaders know that high-impact teams don’t exist by chance but by design. This is why conscious teambuilding is one of the most essential practices in business management today. But it takes more than a single workshop or team building activity to create lasting change. Team development is a journey, not an event.

We understand what it takes to build high performing teams. Through a process of discovery, we can diagnose issues, unlock potential and get results. Using a phased plan over an agreed timeframe, we will partner with your team to co-create new ideas and behaviours that will deliver real value and long-lasting results.

We will help your team to:

  • Set a team charter to identify shared values, beliefs and behaviours
  • Understand the ‘5 dysfunctions of a team’ to leverage strengths and navigate challenges
  • Become ‘future fit’ and develop better and more sustainable working practices
  • Overcome barriers to communication and improve team dynamics
  • Develop long-lasting relationships built on mutual trust and respect
  • Instigate game-changing strategies during key stages in team development

In an era where colleagues are working remotely and change is inevitable, it has never been more important to help your teams thrive. Team coaching is a proven roadmap to success that guarantees an impressive return on your investment. Talk to us to discover how team coaching can impact your business.

  • PCC Credentialed Coach with the International Coach Federation
  • Team Coach Practitioner – Global Team Coach Institute and EMCC Global Certified Practitioner
  • ICF qualification in Executive and Organisational Coaching
  • Accredited practitioner in Neuro Linguistics and MBTI / Lominger assessment / ExtendedDISC tools

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Based in Nelson, covering New Zealand wide.

Phone: 03 545 0055 or 021 1371 589

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