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2023 : Becoming Even Better

As we limp, gallop, stride to the year end, there’s a common theme emerging.  People talking about being burnt out, tired, exhausted, little left in the tank.

You then hit the beach, the bach, the family home and flake out.  Maybe get sick and the body succumbs.  Recover.  Then rinse, repeat and start the whole cycle again in 2023.

It doesn’t, shouldn’t, have to be this way.  There is another way.  Pause.  Reset.

The past two years has been chaos, uncertainty, and confusion.  In 2022 we scrambled to reclaim some of what had been missing.  Go back to how things were. Travel, concerts, family trips, reconnecting with family overseas, large group experiences, being around people, in-person work and learning.

Sometimes working to keep body, soul, and family together.  A sea of shifting expectations.  Imposed by others and… drum roll… ourselves.  Think about it. What unnecessary expectations do you put on yourself?  (I’ve always done it, nobody else will do it, it’s what’s expected of me?).  My question… is it?  Is it truly expected of you?  Or is it an expectation you put on yourself?

That time question.  Head down in the small stuff and not carving out the time to look out above the trees to check direction.  We have choices around how and where we spend our time.  How much time do you spend in business as usual, hamster wheel, life versus creating the space to be future fit? (check out my Three Time Horizons blog)

Some questions to reflect on : (click here for a free think guide)

Future step to end 2023.  At the end of the year, how would like your life to be transformed?

How do you want to feel and not feel at the end of 2023?

  • What does living your best life look like for you?
  • What does doing your best work look like for you?
  • Go deeper, quietly ask yourself ‘what is it that I really, really want?’ and listen as the whisper gets louder.
  • What is important to you in these changed pictures?
  • How would you measure yourself right now against those pictures?
  • What needs to change to shift you towards your ideal state?
  • What do you need to stop doing, start doing and continue doing?
  • What habits do you want to build, what habits do you want to break? (read Atomic Habits by James Clear to get started).
  • How do you sabotage yourself? (Be honest)
  • Who do you have around you to keep you accountable; what would you specifically ask them to do for you?

As you ponder these questions think about this….

If you are a leader of people, how do you first need to lead yourself?

Be kind to yourself this holiday. Rest and relax.

As a small step think about how you want to use your holiday time.  Creating the white space of doing nothing, or taking part in things, go to places that energise you, bring you joy.

Two tips…

Take a digital detox.  Take ‘social’ apps off your phone and devices (you can reinstall later), turn off notifications.  Better still, ask somebody to hide your phone (my husband just read this, laughed and said “permission to hide your phone”)

Park work-related thoughts. Take a notebook.  When something work-related pops into your mind write it down, move it out of your head, and then move on.

Have a peaceful and restful festive break with your family.  Look forward to connecting again in 2023.


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