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Darwinian Law of Organisational Survival

Darwinian Law… Organisational survival?

How does this relate to team building?  Read on.

I first came across this concept during my Team Coach Practitioner training with the Global Team Coaching Institute.  An amazing learning experience with Professor Peter Hawkins and the GTCI faculty.  Leading-edge ways of working with teams outside of traditional team building.

Spoiler Alert.  Team Development is a journey, not an event!  What I mean by that is that one team-building workshop does not a high-performing team make.  It is change over time.  Intentional and designed.

Back to Darwinian Law.

There’s a huge amount of research into how Charles Darwin’s work, Origin of Species has tiptoed into management and organisation theory on organizational evolution.  How organisations evolve, grow, survive.

It’s about holding front and centre the intersection between organisational strategy and the environment, the wider eco-system, in which the organisation operates.

Okay, so let’s narrow this down to a baseline simple formula.

L ≥ E. C.

Organisational learning must

equal to or be greater than

the speed of environmental change

This got me thinking.  Dangerous.

Organisations are made up of leaders, teams, and people.

If we are to create organisations, teams and leaders that can solve the problems of tomorrow we need to be match fit, at the top of our game, continuing to evolve and set the pace and style of the game.  Leaders not followers.

This formula isn’t just for organisations.

  • It’s for the leader reading this.
  • It’s for the team member reading this.
  • It’s for us in life. Our own personal learning.

It’s a match-fit concept that has clicked with every leader and team I have worked with.  Check out the Team Coaching program I weave this learning into.

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